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No longer in production, these models may be reintroduced at any time by Big Oak. Many of these models have been seen on tour since 1998 with player usage in tour events. Many of these models headed off to foreign distributors but never saw the domestic shelves in the U.S.  If we decide to bring one out to production, notice will be placed on this board.
The Boston A was made in right and left hand. They were  produced in triple black oxide and chrome nickel plate. 342 gr.
The Barwick was made in right hand only and was available in chrome nickel first then tripe black oxide last. 347 gr head weight and was production at a 69* lie angle or 2 -3 * flatter than other companies. Easily bent though to as much as +/- 8 degrees
Boston C - Triple black oxide and chrome nickel. Face balanced at 350 gr. Stilt neck
The Cairo had that classic heel shafted blade look of the 50's and 60's with a semi-mallet topline. Many thought it was too ugly to roll until they made about 5 in a row. The overspin from the higher CG on this one really rolled the rock! 345 gr Easily the weirdest looking putter we've made but had a roll and feel that was unreal.
Club Series - These putters came in plain back and cavity back. Goose necked, they weighed in at 342 gr each. A very limited number of 20 each were made and collectors sought them out in 2006. Hard to find and rare.
2005 - Damascus Series Dave Curry made 8 individual damascus steel heads in 2005 on his mill. Acid etched the layers and feel of these putters are great. Collectors snatched them all up at the Orlando trade show before the end of the first day.  The "Longbow" pictured at the bottom is the most unique at around 7" heel to toe measurement. A very wide sweet spot!!!
The T'ville 1 was a square back model introduced in 2001. With a flare tip neck attachment the original T'ville weighed in at 340 gr. The black oxide version of this putter banked over 2 million dollars in tour money and 4 wins on tour. The new rounded back T'ville 2 replaced it in the lineup.
Torpedo - This putter was the first stilt neck produced. It was also the first model put out that hit the Darrell Survey on tour for usage. Two players put the Torpedo in play on tour the second week out. 345 gr. and face balanced, it was replaced in the lineup with the more user friendly Boston C. Razor thin top line and a low center of gravity.
Pavo - The first cousin to the Boston B, the Pavo had a mid topline effect and a unique back cut design that matched the radius of the cup. It aided in alignment. A unique blocky putter head it weighed in at 350 gr and really rolled the pea into the pot! It also "surveyed" on tour early on garnering Big Oak press attention.