Founded in June of 1998, Big Oak Putters believes that tightly toleranced milled putters works well with any stroke. We, at Big Oak Putters, don't do gimmicks. Founder and designer Dave Curry designs 100% CNC milled putters that incorporate his patented higher center of gravity. Curry began calling it the cue ball effect back in 1998 when he milled his first prototype. Over spin off the face at impact makes the putt track truer and achieves a "Rabbit jumping in the hole" effect when the ball arrives at the cup.
Big Oak Putters have been used on all the major tours by over 40 players since 1999 registering tour wins on the major tours. We haven't paid players to use the Big Oak brand like everyone else, but pros put them in play due to the roll, feel, and benefit derived from the utmost attention to quality. You can play gimmicks and the most advertised putter you see or you can play the best.
Tour players and top amateurs agree that improving your putting numbers by just one half putt per round or two putts made over a four round tournament can be the difference between challenging to win and barely staying in the top 125 or having to go back to Q school.
Big Oak Putters have hit the Tour surveys on all tours over the last 14 years. The designs and quality was noted by a major magazine as, "at the top of milled and handmade putters in the world". Another major magazine proclaimed two different models of Big Oak's as an "Editor's Choice".

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